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With our products, discover the genuine taste of our lush land, Irpinia, with all its culinary excellences. You will find a unique selection of typical Irpinian products. From carefully aged cured meats to cheeses made with fresh milk, from wines to Ravece olive oil, which take you on a journey through Irpinian vineyards and olive groves.

Each product is handcrafted according to ancient traditions, ensuring authenticity and quality in every taste. Discover the genuine flavor of Irpinia and bring home the best of our land, with the convenience of a safe and fast online purchase.

A Journey into the Heart of Irpinia

Irpinia, nestled in the beating heart of Campania, is a land that jealously preserves its traditions and authenticity. This region, far from the hectic pace of the cities, offers a refuge of tranquility and natural beauty, with its green hills, lush forests, and picturesque villages.

Life in Irpinia is marked by the rhythms of nature and ancient agricultural practices, as well as culture and history. Its streets are dotted with historical landmarks: medieval castles, ancient churches, noble palaces, and museums that house artistic and archaeological treasures. Every corner of this land tells stories of peoples and traditions that have left an indelible mark.

Exploring Irpinia means immersing yourself in a journey where the beauty of the landscape intertwines with the richness of traditions and the goodness of its products.

The lush vineyards and ancient olive groves tell the story of a land that has always lived in harmony with nature. Every corner of Irpinia reveals a heritage of authenticity and passion, reflecting a deep love for the land and traditions handed down through the centuries.

Visiting Irpinia means embarking on a journey of culture and taste, discovering a region that preserves the charm of the past intact. Local festivals and fairs celebrate the vibrancy of popular traditions.

Irpinian cuisine is a unique sensory experience. Each dish is prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, often grown and harvested by hand as a tribute to the quality and passion of local producers.

Irpinia is a place where time seems to have stopped, where it is still possible to find the taste of simple and genuine things.

High-Quality Irpinian Cured Meats

Irpinian cured meats follow centuries-old traditions and owe their unique aroma to the particular climatic conditions that vary depending on the area of origin. Made with selected meats, from short supply chains, and flavored with local spices, they offer an authentic and unmistakable taste.

  • Prosciutto Crudo: Slowly aged, develops an intense flavor
  • Dried Sausage: With added pepper for a bold taste
  • Capocollo: The upper part of the pig's neck, aged to enhance its delicate flavor
  • Soppressata: Made with prime cuts, offering a bold taste
  • Rolled Pancetta: With lean and fatty parts rolled together for a sweet yet aromatic flavor
  • Carmasciano: Intense flavor and compact texture, ideal for pairing with wines and cured meats
  • Irpinian Caciocavallo: A stretched curd cheese with an enveloping taste
  • Pecorino: With a bold flavor, ideal for enhancing traditional dishes
  • Caciotte: Soft cheeses ideal for those who love creaminess

Irpinian Cheese: A Journey into the Taste of Irpinia

Cheeses are dairy products made from fresh cow or sheep milk. An ancient practice of rennet coagulation has allowed communities to preserve and consume milk over time.

Each type of cheese carries a story of craftsmanship, culture, and local identity, recounting processing techniques passed down through generations.

The Enological Treasures of the Hills of Irpinia

Wines, obtained from the fermentation of grape juice, are the result of a millennia-old practice that has linked communities with deep winemaking traditions. Made with grapes of different varieties from specific vineyards, each wine tells the story of the territory from which it comes, with unique characteristics that reflect its origin.

  • Aglianico: A full-bodied red wine known for its aging potential, typical of the Campania region.
  • Falanghina: A lively white wine with acidic notes and a mineral aftertaste, typical of the Sannio area.
  • Coda di Volpe: A white wine with a fruity flavor and good structure, typical of Irpinia.
  • Olive Oil: Varies widely in flavor and aroma, from light fruity to intense spicy, depending on the variety of olives and the region of production. The most renowned production areas are Italy, Spain, and Greece.
  • Ravece Olive Oil: Distinctive notes of fresh herbs and artichoke, with a balanced spicy and bitter aftertaste. Obtained from the Ravece variety of olives typical of Irpinia, renowned for its ideal climatic conditions for cultivating this variety.

Olive Oil: The Green Gold of Irpinian Tradition

One of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, obtained from the pressing of olives, renowned for its nutritional and culinary qualities.

From the most delicate varieties to those with a strong flavor, olive oil enhances every dish, adding a touch of genuineness.

Hazelnuts: A Crunchy Treasure from the Forests of Irpinia

Another culinary treasure of Irpinia is hazelnuts, thanks to the favorable climate and soil fertility. The Avellana hazelnut, among the best varieties in Italy, offers the exclusive taste of these lands. Derived products include spreads and the famous tartufate hazelnuts.

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