Tu Vino Rosato

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Azienda Vinicola Giardino

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The Rosé Wine "Tu" is a tribute to the oenological passion of Irpinia and evokes the typical moments of sharing in Italian culture. With a vibrant and expressive sip, it offers an overwhelming freshness. On the nose, it reveals aromas of red pulpy fruit and hints of aromatic herbs.

The red grapes selected for this wine undergo a two-day maceration and come from vineyards cultivated with respect for nature, following Biodynamic Techniques. Manual harvesting ensures the selection of the best grapes.

The "Tu" Rosé is the result of the winemaking artistry of the Giardino winery in Ariano Irpino. With artisanal methods and the absence of added sulfur, this company embodies dedication to the production of authentic wines that reflect the true essence of the territory.