Vino Tu-Tu Fiano Igp

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Azienda Vinicola Giardino

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The Fiano Tu Tu IGP wine is a white wine that embodies the viticultural soul of Irpinia, and its uniqueness lies in the strictly artisanal production process, resulting in an authentic expression of the terroir.

The result of a two-day maceration, the aging takes place in cherry barrels and clay amphorae, creating a symphony of aromas and Unique Flavors. The opaque golden color with orange nuances anticipates an extraordinary sensory experience.

The Fiano "Tu Tu" is the fruit of the passion and commitment of the Giardino winery in Ariano Irpino. Located in a territory rich in winemaking tradition, the winery embraces artisanal methods to create wines that reflect the identity of the region. No Sulfites Added, each bottle of Fiano "Tu Tu" is an invitation to discover the authenticity and excellence of Irpinian wines.