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Welcome to our section dedicated to the online osteria, where you can discover a selection of the best wines, craft beers, and zero-mile fruit juices. Our selection is designed for lovers of good drinking and healthy eating, with a special focus on local and artisanal excellences.


The Best Wines for Every Occasion

Discover wines selected from the best Irpinian labels to enrich your cellar with high-quality bottles. From full-bodied red wines to fresh and aromatic whites, sparkling wines, and rosés, perfect for any occasion. A selection of craft beers will add an extra touch to barbecues with friends. Additionally, for those looking for healthy and genuine drinks, we offer a selection of zero-mile fruit juices made with fresh, locally grown fruit. These juices are ideal for a refreshing and healthy break, keeping the flavors and nutritional properties of freshly picked fruit intact. Perfect for both adults and children, our fruit juices are an excellent choice for those who want the best from nature.