Vino "Le Fole" Aglianico Igp

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Azienda Vinicola Giardino

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Aglianico "Le Fole," a red wine that embodies the mastery and heritage of mature vineyards in Irpinia, with over 75 years of age, giving the wine a unique depth and complexity.

The winemaking follows artisanal methods with a fascinating blend of small red fruits, oriental spices, hints of pepper, and a subtle touch of earth, paying homage to the maturity of the vines and the richness of the terroir. The Absence of Sulfites underscores the commitment to preserving the purity of the fruit and the authenticity of the wine.

The Giardino Winery in Ariano Irpino, embracing the heritage of the past, is dedicated to creating wines that embody Irpinian excellence.