Discover Our Selection of Online Pesto!

Our online pesto selection includes unique and delicious varieties made with high-quality ingredients and following the best culinary traditions. Perfect for any occasion, each product enhances the flavor of your recipes, from classic to innovative. Made with genuine and natural ingredients, using exclusively extra virgin olive oil.

A Variety of Pestos for Every Palate

Bear Garlic Pesto: An aromatic and delicate pesto, perfect for seasoning pasta or giving a special touch to bruschettas and salads.

Walnut and Turmeric Pesto: A unique and spicy pesto, ideal for those who love bold and innovative flavors. Excellent for pasta, risottos, and meat dishes.

Hazelnut and Truffle Pesto: A refined and rich pesto, combining the sweetness of hazelnuts with the intense aroma of truffle. Perfect for gourmet dishes and special occasions.

Sun-Dried Tomato and Bear Garlic Pesto: A rich and flavorful pesto, combining the intense taste of sun-dried tomatoes with the fresh aroma of bear garlic. Ideal for pasta, bruschettas, and fish dishes.