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Il Torchio

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The wine "A Càpo Sòtta" is the result of artisanal production deeply rooted in the passion for the Irpinian territory and the care of the vineyards. The meticulous approach and meticulous management in every phase, from the vineyard to the cellar, reflect a Italian tradition that is deeply rooted and respectful of the land.

The careful selection of Aglianico grapes is followed by a maceration of 15-20 days, enriched with manual punching down operations. The bottle refermentation of "A Càpo Sòtta," with the bottles positioned upside down on special racks, testifies to the innovative approach that preserves the wine's aromatic structure.

On a small plot managed with love and dedication, the Il Torchio winery in Montecalvo Irpino embraces the Biological Method both in the field and in the cellar. This approach allows for maintaining the vitality and integrity of the vines, preserving their most authentic expression.

The manufacturer’s advice

Si abbina perfettamente con carni bianche al forno e alla griglia. Ottimo con formaggi saporiti e stagionati e con salumi irpini.