Flour for Sale Online?

Our online flour offering includes premium flours such as Saragolla, Senatore Cappelli, and buckwheat, all selected to ensure the highest quality and genuineness. Our artisanal processing methods preserve the nutritional properties, making these flours perfect for many recipes and ensuring a high level of digestibility. For example, buckwheat flour is ideal for those looking for a gluten-free option, great for bread, crepes, cookies, and much more.

Organic Flour Online

In our shop, you will also find organic flours from ancient grains, which, thanks to their processing methods, maintain their characteristics intact, selected to ensure you the highest quality and authenticity:

  • Organic Saragolla Flour: An ancient and prized flour, rich in nutrients and perfect for making bread, pasta, and desserts. Its texture and unique flavor make every dough special.
  • Organic Senatore Cappelli Flour: A durum wheat flour with excellent nutritional qualities, ideal for pasta, bread, and pizzas. With its unmistakable taste, Senatore Cappelli flour is an excellent choice for those seeking authenticity and health.

Discover our selection of organic flour online and rediscover the pleasure of cooking with high-quality flours, directly at your home.