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    • Noccioro Havana Hanzelnut cream with Rhum
    • Don Arriba 72% Chocolate
    • For Drink: Rubra Beer

Nut-Rhum Pinsa, an irresistible celebration of flavors. The Havana hazelnut cream enriched with the robust and enveloping flavor of rum creates a creamy base that captures the essence of rum. The 72% Don Arriba chocolate flakes, with their intensity and complexity, add a crunchy note. Each bite is a journey through temptation, an explosion of pleasure for the palate, with crispy pinsa base is a plasure for your palate. Accompany this delight with Rubra beer, the perfect companion to enhance the intense and enveloping flavors of the Nut-Rhum Pinsa. With its inviting aroma of nuts and biscuits, and a subtle hint of caramel, this beer completes the taste experience, offering a harmonious balance between sweet and bitter.

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Pinsa Artigianale
Noccioro Havana crema con nocciole e Rhum
Cioccolato Don Arriba 72% Bio
Rubra – Bitter –