Caciocavallo Artigianale Stagionato 2 Mesi

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Azienda Agricola De Stasio

Gluten Free
hand made
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Fresh Caciocavallo, with its now iconic shape known throughout the world, tells the story of the Irpinian fields, representing a culinary excellence passed down for generations, keeping this ancient tradition alive.

Caciocavallo is born from the use of fresh milk from pasture-grazed cows, through meticulous processing from curdling, cutting, to shaping by hand. The pasta filata contributes to its soft texture and the enveloping flavor that emerges after its aging.

The De Stasio agricultural company based in Ariano Irpino, through careful selection of raw materials and the care of its fields, resonates with love for its territory and the art of cheese making.