Pecorino Carmasciano Irpino"Maturo"

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Preta Kiana

hand made
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Pecorino Carmasciano Irpino "Maturo," the result of centuries of artisanal mastery, embodies the very essence of the territory, offering an intense and characteristic taste thanks to its aging process lasting up to 8 months, with hints of butter and dry hay with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Produced with sheep's milk and following rigorous artisanal practices, each wheel of Pecorino Carmasciano is the result of a long aging process that gives the cheese its soft texture and rich, complex flavor.

Preta Kiana farm in Frigento is renowned for its dedication to the production of high-quality cheeses. Located in the heart of the Irpinian countryside, the farm is committed to preserving the dairy traditions of the region, offering products that represent a true journey into taste and tradition.