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Il Torchio

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Coda di Volpe owes its name to the native grape varieties in which it is produced, offering a bouquet of distinctive and harmonious aromas and flavors that make it light yet with a good taste persistence.

Coda di Volpe grapes are carefully and precisely handpicked, selecting only the best clusters, using certified organic methods to ensure the health of the soil and obtain a wine of superior quality.

Located in the enchanting hills of Montecalvo Irpino, Azienda Il Torchio stands out for its passion and dedication to the production of high-quality organic wines. Each bottle of Coda di Volpe represents an authentic expression of the Irpinian territory, testifying to the company's commitment to preserving local winemaking traditions.

Coda di Volpe adheres to the principles of artisanal organic nature, processed in small quantities according to an environmentally and human health-friendly approach. This approach allows for greater quality control and preserves traditional culinary techniques.