Discover Our Selection of Online Dairy Products!

Our offering of online dairy products and cheeses includes a variety of aged cheeses, yogurts, smoked mozzarellas, and Carmasciano pecorino, all made with high-quality milk and following the best Irpinian dairy traditions.

Whether you are preparing a cheese board for an aperitif, a special dinner, or a quick lunch, our selection of artisanal cheeses is always the perfect choice. You can pair them with cured meats, honey, jams, and wines to create unique combinations.

A Variety of Cheeses for Every Palate

Smoked Mozzarellas: With a smoky flavor and stringy texture, ideal to enjoy on their own or in delicious recipes.

Carmasciano Pecorino: A cheese with a bold and aromatic flavor, perfect for those who love intense tastes. From young to mature, this pecorino represents the excellence of local dairy traditions.

Artisanal Yogurt: Creamy and natural, made with fresh milk and no added preservatives. Perfect for a healthy breakfast or a nutritious snack.

Fresh and Aged Cheeses: From fresh ricotta, soft and light, to aged cheeses like provolone or conzato, which add a unique touch of flavor to any dish.