Crema di Mandorle al Cacao di Arriba Bio

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Amata Terra

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The Almond and Arriba Cocoa Spread originates from an Artisanal tradition that values the genuineness and simplicity of flavors. Crafted with passion in the Irpinian laboratory, this spread is a source of fiber, copper, zinc, and manganese.

Produced with an artisanal approach where careful ingredient selection is paramount, it is made with Toritto almonds famous for their quality. When combined with cocoa beans, they give the spread a creamy and unique texture. The use of coconut sugar, with its Low Glycemic Index, adds a touch of balanced sweetness. Free from gluten, milk and its derivatives, colorings, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, and palm oil, it is perfect for snacking.

The Amata Terra company based in Lioni is committed to offering 100% organic and sustainable products, telling the story of a land rich in authentic flavors.