Noccioro45 crema spalmabile

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Azienda Agricola Noccioro

Gluten Free
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Nocciole al 45%, zucchero, latte magro in polvere,cacao in polvere

Noccioro45 spreadable cream is a true hymn to family tradition, rooted in Irpinia, giving life to the first hazelnut spread, enveloping consumers with its unmistakable and authentic flavor.

The result of careful artisanal processing, with only 4 ingredients and no added oils except those naturally present in hazelnuts and cocoa. By cultivating their own hazelnuts in the company's fields, Noccioro is committed to ensuring a production process that reflects tradition and a love for Genuine Flavors.

The Noccioro company, based in Avella, is the beating heart of this complete production chain. The company's story is a journey through passion, dedication, and innovation, bridging the past with modernity and bringing to the table the goodness of hazelnuts grown with care and expertly crafted.

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