Salumi Irpini - Il gusto della tradizione

Experience the excellence of delicious Irpinian cured meats, crafted with passion and time-honored methods. Explore a diverse selection of authentic products from our land, each made using traditional techniques that celebrate Irpinian heritage. Every bite takes you on a journey through time, letting you rediscover the authentic and genuine flavors of our ancestors. Bring these timeless tastes to your table, the result of true passion and artisanal craftsmanship.

Many wonder what the typical cured meat of Irpinia is, but the truth is that this land is rich in specialties. There isn't just one salami that represents Irpinia, but a variety of delicacies that tell the story of its gastronomic tradition.

Immerse yourself in the history of the region and savor some of its finest offerings: soppressata, capicollo, and Irpinian dry sausage. These exceptional cured meats are available in our shop and online for your convenience.


Soppressata Irpina

The Irpinian Soppressata is the result of ancient and skillful craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade using only the finest cuts of pork: two parts lean meat, such as ham and tenderloin, and one part premium fat. The meat is carefully cured, seasoned with salt and natural spices, and then stuffed into casings. The secret to its unique flavor lies in the smoking process, performed with forest oak wood, which imparts the soppressata's distinctive smoky aroma. Additionally, the aging process, which lasts about a month in well-ventilated rooms, enhances its exceptional taste.

Pair with Aglianico and aged Caciocavallo

  • Typical and spicy flavor. The intensity of whole peppercorns stands out.
  • Intense, aromatic, and pleasant aroma.
  • Bright red color for the lean part.
  • Firm and compact texture when sliced.


Capocollo has always been considered one of the finest cuts of meat, made entirely from the pig's neck, located between the head and the loin, from which the cured meat gets its name. Traditionally, the butchering of pigs was a family affair, with the head of the family overseeing the process, turning it into a true shared ritual. From this tradition comes the saying, "nothing of the pig is wasted." The preparation of Capocollo begins with salting the meat, followed by vigorous massages to ensure an even distribution of the salt. After washing and drying, the meat is soaked in wine vinegar, seasoned with whole peppercorns and various aromatic herbs, and finally wrapped in the pig's parietal diaphragm. The aging process takes place in sanitized and well-ventilated environments for about 15 weeks. Once aged, it is vacuum-sealed for preservation, ensuring the finest quality and flavor.

Enjoy it with a pinsa and seasonal vegetables.

  • Delicate flavor, not salty, aged
  • Typical aged aroma, slightly spicy
  • Lean part is red with white-pink streaks
  • Firm slice texture when cut

Salsiccia irpina

Dry sausage is made from ground pork shoulder and belly, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and other spices, then stuffed into natural casings. This simple seasoning enhances the flavor of the meat, making it distinctively Irpinian. In our online store, you can choose between traditional dry sausage or the variant with caciocavallo cheese. Often enjoyed raw, it is appreciated for its robust flavor. Perfect for appetizers, it pairs wonderfully with delicate cheeses and other cured meats, or it can be used to make delicious sandwiches, where the strong notes of the sausage pleasantly contrast with the bread.

Try it with Irpinian bread and pecorino.

  • Typical and spicy flavor; characterized by the presence of whole peppercorns in the sweet variant and chili pepper in the spicy variant
  • Intense, aromatic, and pleasant aroma
  • Bright red color (lean part) and pearly white (fatty part)
  • Firm and compact texture when sliced

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