Pane 7 Cereali e Germe di Grano

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Bolle di Pasta

hand made
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The 7-Grain Bread is a typically Irpinian product, thanks to the use of flours exclusively grown in our territories. It is born from the passion for experimenting with new flavors while staying connected to traditions of the past.

The result of an Artisanal process that celebrates the richness of type 2 flours, whole rye, and corn, enriched with a mix of precious seeds, it offers an extraordinary culinary experience. The production process involves a Double Leavening, giving the bread a soft texture and a crispy crust.

Produced by the "Bolle di Pasta" company in Montecalvo Irpino, this bread offers significant nutritional content due to the presence of whole grains and seeds. A blend of flavors and culinary traditions, this bread is a healthy and delicious choice that reflects a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.