Pasta di Grani Antichi: Embrace Tradition at Your Table

Experience the authentic flavors of tradition with our ancient grain pasta (Pasta di Grani Antichi)! Made from prized Senatore Cappelli wheat and Saragolla, our pasta offers more than just a meal—it promises a unique culinary journey. Dried at low temperatures to retain its valuable nutrients, it distinguishes itself with low gluten content and excellent digestibility, ideal for health-conscious consumers seeking a wholesome alternative.

Savor the Flavor of Senatore Cappelli Wheat, an Ancient Variety Honoring Tradition and Sustainability

Immerse yourself in the rich flavor of Senatore Cappelli wheat, an ancient variety that embodies agricultural traditions and promotes organic, sustainable farming—where modern grains fall short. Discover our ancient grain pasta today and transform every meal into an unforgettable experience!

Low gluten content
Thanks to a slower fermentation process, pasta made from ancient grains is more digestible, allowing yeast enzymes to effectively process gluten.
Fewer harmful substances
Ancient grains, organically grown and selected for their natural resistance, help minimize the risk of harmful chemical residues in the final products.
Nutritional richness
Ancient varieties, with deeper roots and lower productivity, offer a higher concentration of nutrients.
More intense and aromatic flavor
Their artisanal nature imbues them with a more persistent and satisfying taste.

Lagane con grano antico Saragolla

Organic Lagane are a culinary treasure deeply rooted in centuries-old local traditions. Crafted with artisanal mastery, these special pastas celebrate the rich gastronomic culture of the region. Made from Ancient Durum Wheat Saragolla and Organic Soft Wheat Risciola, Lagane are born from a blend of high-quality grains and pure water, resulting in an artisanal product of excellence. Produced in Gesualdo and San Giorgio del Sannio, Organic Lagane are crafted in small batches, following organic and artisanal production principles.

Scialatielli Senatore Cappelli

Bio Scialatielli embody the rich culinary tradition of Campania—a testament to centuries of passion for cooking. Handcrafted with Senatore Cappelli flour, each step of their production is meticulously executed to preserve their authenticity and versatility. Stone milling and low-temperature drying guarantee top quality. Bronze-drawn and slow-dried, Scialatielli boast a rough, porous surface that enhances their flavor and texture.

Fusilli Avellinesi Senatore Cappelli

Bio Avellino Fusilli embody a rich heritage of Campanian cuisine, showcasing the art of preparation passed down through generations. Crafted from ancient Senatore Cappelli grains cultivated using biodynamic methods, Bio Avellino Fusilli offer authentic taste and superior nutritional quality. This is achieved through a sustainable production process that respects the natural cycle. Produced in small batches and following strict artisanal and organic principles, Bio Avellino Fusilli uphold high standards for environmental and human health.

Orecchiette Senatore Cappelli

Bio Orecchiette embody the ancient culinary tradition of Puglia, skillfully blending past and present in every bite, conveying a profound love for cooking. Crafted with esteemed Senatore Cappelli flour, Bio Orecchiette result from meticulous and passionate craftsmanship. Stone-ground flour preserves the grain's quality, contributing to the pasta's authenticity. Bronze-drawn and slow-dried at low temperatures, each step ensures maximum quality and preserves tradition.

Discover Irpinian Excellence

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