I migliori taralli artigianali campani

Savor and discover the finest artisanal taralli, where tradition and quality come together for a unique taste experience. Whether you're a fan of traditional taralli, searching for the best Puglian taralli or Neapolitan taralli available online, here you'll find a carefully curated selection from artisanal bakeries. Among these, stands out the Biolu organic artisanal Tarallo, awarded by Gambero Rosso.

The recipe for taralli has ancient origins dating back to the 1400s, when a mother, with few ingredients at her disposal, created a simple yet delicious dough with flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and white wine. Over time, the recipe has evolved: in addition to baking, taralli are now also boiled to achieve irresistible crispiness, and then enriched with spices for an even more intense flavor.


The Award-Winning Tarallo Gambero Rosso - Il Tarallo BioLu

BioLu taralli represent excellence among the finest taralli from Puglia and Campania. Made with ancient grains, 'Risciola' soft wheat flour, and 'Ravece' extra virgin olive oil, each tarallo is the result of meticulous artisanal craftsmanship that preserves the authenticity and excellence of this product. The ingredients are hand-picked, and drying occurs through cold dehydration at low temperatures and slowly, to preserve flavors and aromas intact. The grains are then stone-ground to produce wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flours, which are also used in pasta production.

Taralli Mandorlati napoletani

The Mandorlati Taralli are a delightful reinterpretation of the famous Neapolitan tarallo, which has enchanted palates for generations with its unique flavor and crispy texture. This delicacy is the result of an art passed down from generation to generation, finding its highest expression in the skilled hands of the artisans at Evoluzioni di Grano, based in Amorosi. Here, passion for culinary tradition merges with a constant commitment to excellence, ensuring that each Mandorlati Tarallo is a small masterpiece of taste and quality. Fresh and carefully selected ingredients, such as local wheat flour and toasted almonds, impart these taralli with a unique and irresistible flavor.

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