Carciofini Artigianali

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Azienda Agricola Anzalone

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Carciofini,sale,aceto,origano,aglio,olio extravergine d'oliva

The Artichokes in Oil, typical of the Irpinia region, embody the authenticity of Tradition through the use of the finest raw materials that preserve all their goodness. Considered a delicacy, they are appreciated worldwide for their unique flavor and versatility in the kitchen.

Skillfully worked By Hand, the artichokes are gently blanched in a mixture of water and vinegar, then immersed in extra virgin olive oil, and carefully packaged in glass jars. Whether enjoyed on their own or as a condiment, their fleshy texture will surprise you.

From the Anzalone Agricultural Company located among the green hills of Flumeri, specializing in organic cultivation, these artichokes embrace a philosophy of Respectful Production, which is the key to preserving their genuineness and freshness.

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