Carmasciano: Tradizione e Gusto unico dell'Irpinia

The Carmasciano is a pecorino cheese produced in the pristine lands of Irpinia, a region renowned for its centuries-old cheese-making tradition. This cheese is a true symbol of authenticity, derived from the unique combination of artisanal techniques and natural resources of the area.

Un viaggio nella storia e nel patrimonio culturale irpino

The production of Carmasciano dates back centuries, when local rural communities began developing milk processing techniques that maximized the natural resources of the area. This cheese is named after the small village of Carmasciano, located in the hills of Frigento, from which the cheese derives its characteristic flavor. For centuries, Carmasciano cheese has been entirely handcrafted to ensure a quality that is now recognized worldwide.

Today, Carmasciano cheese not only stands as a high-quality product but also serves as a symbol of Irpinia's cultural and gastronomic heritage. Efforts to preserve and promote this cheese are crucial for keeping local cheese-making traditions alive and supporting the rural economy of the region. Carmasciano represents a perfect example of how artisanal production and environmental stewardship can come together to create an exceptional product.


Pecorino Carmasciano Irpino Giovane

The Young Irpinian Carmasciano Pecorino stands out for its soft and creamy texture, resulting from a brief aging period that preserves the fresh flavors of sheep's milk. Its taste is delicate, with slightly sweet notes and a subtle hint of aromatic herbs typical of the pastures in Irpinia. This cheese is perfect for those who enjoy authentic and genuine flavors that are not overly intense. Made with milk from sheep raised in the pristine pastures of Irpinia, the Young Irpinian Carmasciano Pecorino is the outcome of a production process that values the natural resources of the region. The sheep graze on wild herbs and minerals from local sulfur springs, imparting the cheese with an incomparable taste.

Pecorino Carmasciano Irpino Maturo

The Mature Irpinian Carmasciano Pecorino is characterized by a more compact and crumbly texture compared to the young version, due to extended aging. Its taste is rich and intense, with spicy notes and hints of aromatic herbs and dried fruit. This cheese captivates the palate with a full and persistent flavor that reflects the purity of the milk and the quality of the production process. Produced with milk from sheep grazing in the lush pastures of Irpinia, the Mature Irpinian Carmasciano Pecorino benefits from the unique conditions of the region. The aromatic herbs and minerals from local sulfur springs give the cheese an incomparable aromatic profile. The long aging process, carried out in natural and controlled environments, allows the cheese to develop all its nuances of flavor.

Ricotta Stagionata Irpina di Carmasciano

The Carmasciano Ricotta distinguishes itself with its soft and creamy texture that delicately melts in the mouth. Its flavor is sweet and slightly milky, with an aromatic aftertaste reflecting the wild herbs of the Irpinian pastures. This ricotta is prized for its purity and the intensity of its flavors. The Aged Carmasciano Ricotta is made from the whey of sheep's milk, which graze in the lush meadows of Irpinia, enriched with a small amount of fresh milk. The production follows traditional methods, where the whey is heated until the ricotta floats to the surface. It is then manually collected and aged for at least two months.

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