Amaranta – American IPA –

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Birrificio Ventitre

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acqua, malto d'orzo,Luppolo,lievito

The Amaranta Beer, with its name derived from the Greek amarantos, evokes eternity, a concept reflected in the persistent aroma of this Artisanal beer that, with its intense citrus and caramel notes, takes you on a sensory journey between sweet and bitter.

The barley used for production is cultivated and malted in Irpinia, contributing to the unique character of this beer. Fermentation takes place using spring water, while a selection of Italian and international hops creates a bouquet of boundless aromas.

Coming from the artisanal brewery in Grottaminarda, Amaranta is the result of a rooted local brewing tradition. The full body and warmth that pervade each sip define the sensory experience, confirming its classification of Bitterness Level 4/5.

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Abbinamenti consigliati: Primi piatti, grigliata di carne rossa, salumi, formaggi semi-stagionati. Pizza salsiccia e friarielli