Andromeda – Barley Wine con miele di castagno –

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Birrificio Ventitre

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The Andromeda Beer, with its amber color and rounded taste, tells a story of freedom inspired by the mythology of Perseus and Andromeda. This beer symbolizes women's right to be free, parallel to the freedom of bees that contribute to the honey used in its production.

Andromeda is produced with high-quality raw materials from Irpinian lands, including chestnut honey, and the aroma of bitter almond offers a unique sensory experience. The low level of bitterness (1/5) makes this beer suitable even for palates less accustomed to bitter taste.

The Ventitrè Brewery, located in Grottaminarda, transforms the passion for craft beer into Works of Art, working on this elaborate meditation beer that reflects dedication to quality and creativity.

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Abbinamenti consigliati: Formaggi erborinati, pasta di mandorle, cioccolato, sigaro, divano. Pizza salsiccia e friarielli