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Celery salt is an exceptional product that has secured a prominent position both locally and beyond. Derived from the cultivation of precious seeds, this salt is renowned for its distinctive organoleptic characteristics, offering versatility and health benefits. Wondering where to purchase top-quality celery salt? Let's explore together.

In the unique pedo-climatic conditions of Irpinian soils, celery seeds take a full 18 months to mature, enhancing their properties. This extended growth phase results in a nutrient-rich product with an unmistakable flavor.
Cold processing
Cold processing preserves all the properties of Celery Salt, maintaining its flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits intact. This makes it a natural substitute for table salt, rich in minerals, and free from the negative effects associated with excessive consumption of traditional salt.
Thanks to its delicate taste and beneficial properties, Celery Salt is ideal for: Seasoning salads Flavoring soups and stews Substituting traditional salt Using as an ingredient in cocktails

Why buy BioLù Celery Salt?

Bio Lù stands out for its commitment to preserving Irpinian agricultural tradition, embodying a vision of mindful and responsible farming.

Each grain of Celery Salt reflects the essence of the land it comes from, rejecting the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals in favor of natural and sustainable resources.

With Bio Lù, you can be assured of choosing products that reflect values of sustainability and environmental integrity.


Where to buy celery salt?

You can easily find celery salt online or in well-stocked supermarkets.

Online grocery shopping has become effortless and convenient; with just a few clicks, you can have everything you desire delivered directly to your doorstep.

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