Sale di sedano di Gesualdo

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Azienda Agricola BioLu

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100% Sedano Disidratato E Liofilizzato

Celery Salt is a product that has earned a prominent place in Local cuisine. It originates from the cultivation of a precious seed that imparts unique organoleptic characteristics to the salt.

The celery seed grows for 18 months in the Irpinian lands with particular pedo-climatic conditions. Processed cold, Celery Salt preserves its properties, becoming a Natural Substitute for table salt with multiple uses, including in cocktails.

The Bio Lu agricultural company, with lands in the municipalities of Calvi and San Giorgio, preserves tradition by cultivating and processing the seed with dedication and passion. The result is a Unique product that reflects the essence of Irpinian land and offers a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional salt.

The manufacturer’s advice

Un sostituto naturale del sale da cucina, particolare nella creazione di cocktails.