About Us

Foodentyco.it founded in January 2021, has deep roots in the heart of Irpinia, a sun-kissed land rich in culinary traditions.

For us, "local" transcends mere geography; it embodies a profound love for our land, a dedication to championing local producers, and a steadfast commitment to fostering the prosperity of agricultural communities.

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With unwavering dedication and a clear sense of purpose, we venture into the countryside of Southern Italy, meticulously seeking out the finest agricultural enterprises. Our selection process is rigorous, focusing on those who operate sustainably, honoring both the environment and the local terrain, while upholding ancient traditions. Our pledge is to present to your table only the utmost quality - seasonal, locally sourced, fresh, authentic, and quintessentially Italian products..

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Each item within our assortment is meticulously handpicked, ensuring the freshness of freshly harvested produce and the allure of pantry treasures. We are dedicated to providing you with a shopping experience that transcends mere transactions, immersing you in a sensory voyage through the vibrant culinary heritage of Irpinia.

Foodentyco isn't just an e-commerce platform; it's an invitation to join us at the table, where authenticity and passion come together to create unforgettable culinary experiences.


Our selection of products ranges from pasta made from ancient grains that respect biodiversity while retaining all its nutritional qualities.

Our commitment to promoting our territory also extends to the sale of typical Irpinian cured meats, made according to ancient local traditions, and the prized Pecorino Carmasciano, a cheese that tells the story of five generations of tradition and care.

To complete our offering, our Ravece Olive Oil from the hills of the Valle dell'Ufita will captivate you with its slightly fruity aroma. This oil is used in many of our locations to prepare the famous artisanal taralli with added wine, following the traditional recipe from Puglia, enhancing its flavor.

We also offer unique specialties such as wild garlic pesto and celery salt, ingredients that enrich and surprise the palate and your dishes.

For pizza lovers and beyond, our bases for Pinsa Romana will add a special touch to your dinners with friends. You can enhance them with various toppings, creating unique and delicious combinations. With our products, we are committed to respecting nature and promoting our cultural heritage.