Authentic Pinsa Romana straight from the heart of Italy in 48 hours.

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The preparation of Pinsa: An art to discover.
The preparation of Pinsa is a true art that requires experience and know-how. Making homemade dough is not always the best solution, as it demands time and skill. In such cases, the ready-made base comes to the rescue! Our young Italian producer aims to offer you an authentic Pinsa experience by combining traditional recipes with innovative ingredients. Each Pinsa is hand-formed to provide you with a unique taste experience.
La Mia Pinsa: Your personal creation.
At FoodEntyCo, we believe in diversity and uniqueness. That's why we offer you the opportunity to create your own Pinsa. Choose from a wide range of toppings and create your unique combination. Let our diverse selection inspire you. From classic to innovative, from sweet to savory: With fresh ingredients and refined alternatives, we offer an unforgettable taste experience.
Unique culinary experiences
At FoodEntyCo, we believe that food is more than just mere sustenance for the body. It's an experience that engages all the senses and creates unforgettable memories. That's why we offer you not just a delicious Pinsa, but a complete culinary experience. That's why we have developed six different Pinsa toppings for you to try at home immediately:

Summer Vibes Pinsa

A harmony of fresh and vibrant flavors welcomes you with every bite. Crispy zucchini and delicate zucchini blossoms merge in a dance of freshness, while sun-dried tomato pesto and wild garlic add a bold and juicy note. Creamy ricotta, with its enveloping sweetness, complements the dish perfectly. Sprinkled with fresh mint, each slice is an explosion of spring aroma. The whole dish is rounded off by a generous sprinkle of black pepper and a pinch of sea salt, completing this symphony of flavors. Served on a light and crispy Pinsa dough, every bite is a sensory journey celebrating summer in all its glory. Pair it with a refreshing beer like Desnuda, with its subtle spicy undertones, perfect for this combination.

Three Colors Pinsa

This culinary creation is a tribute to the freshness and vibrancy of the finest Italian ingredients. Peeled tomatoes with their juicy sweetness blend with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes bursting with intensity. The fibrous and fresh mozzarella, the wild garlic pesto with its aromatic and spicy notes, adds depth and complexity to the dish, while fresh basil releases an irresistible scent that captivates the senses. Each bite is a perfect balance of flavors, heightened by a pinch of sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil, lending delightful smoothness. Served on a light and crispy Pinsa base, this culinary creation is an ode to Italian culinary tradition, uniting the freshest and most authentic ingredients in a harmony of taste. For a complete culinary experience, we recommend pairing our Three Colors Pinsa with a Sweva beer.

Aglianico Style Pinsa

The compote of Annurca apples infused with Aglianico wine, with its complex sweetness and fruity character, is the centerpiece of this culinary creation. Aglianico cheese, with its robust and slightly spicy flavor, perfectly complements the apple, lending it a creamy texture. Fresh spinach, with its herbal and crispy taste, adds a touch of color to the Pinsa. A splash of lemon juice accentuates the flavors. Each bite is enhanced by a pinch of sea salt, intensifying the natural aromas, and a drizzle of olive oil, providing delicious richness. Served on a light and crispy Pinsa base, this culinary creation is a sensory journey through the landscapes and flavors of Irpinia. For a complete culinary experience, we recommend pairing your Aglianico-Style Pinsa with a crisp Aglianico wine.

Ammaritata Pinsa

The steamed mixed soup combined with beans creates a creamy and satisfying base, enriched by the smoky and hearty flavor of crispy rolled pancetta. Handmade chili oil adds a touch of lively spiciness. Each bite is a journey through the flavor pathways of the South, where intense and enveloping aromas promise culinary delight, accompanied by a crispy Pinsa base and the taste of Andromeda beer. With its aroma of bitter almond, elegantly alternating with notes of chestnut honey and caramel, it creates a tasteful harmony that blends beautifully with the earthy and full-bodied flavors of the Pinsa.

Crusty Rustic Pinsa

The carefully selected sausage imparts an intense flavor that pairs perfectly with the turnip greens from Irpinia, while the smoked scamorza envelops each slice with its aroma. The handmade chili oil adds boldness and liveliness, while the skillfully dosed garlic emits a distinctive fragrance. Each bite is refined by a pinch of sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil on a crispy Pinsa base. Served on a crispy Pinsa base, this combination is a celebration of the authenticity of Italian cuisine and takes you on a true sensory journey. Accompany this experience with Amaranta beer, whose sweet and bitter notes integrate perfectly with the flavors of the Pinsa.

Nut-Rhum Pinsa

The Havana hazelnut cream, enriched with the robust and enveloping taste of rum, forms a creamy base that captures the essence of rum. The 72% Don Arriba chocolate flakes, with their intensity and complexity, add a crispy note. Each bite is a journey through temptation, an explosion of pleasure for the palate, with the crispy Pinsa base being a delight for your taste buds. Accompany this pleasure with Rubra beer, the perfect companion to accentuate the intense and enveloping flavors of the Nut-Rhum Pinsa.

How to Garnish at Home: Pinsa Recipe

FoodEntyCo is not just a place to enjoy Pinsa, but also a source of inspiration and innovation. We are always looking for new flavor profiles and creative ideas to enhance your dining experience.


•Ready Made Pinsa-Dough

•Fresh Sausage

•Turnip Greens


•Handmade Pepper Oil



•Extra Virgin Olive Oil



1. Cut Sausage and Scamorza into small pieces. 

2. Fry the Sausage n a pan with some olive oil, garlic, and salt until golden brown.

3. Remove the pan from the heat and add the pickled Turnip Greens to season it.

4. Bake the Pinsa dough at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, then add the Cime di Rapa, Salsiccia, and Scamorza. Continue baking until the Scamorza starts to melt and becomes crispy.

5. Remove from the oven, garnish with a drizzle of handmade Peperoncino oil, and serve hot and steaming.

We recommend pairing it with our Amaranta beer, with sweet and bitter notes that harmonize perfectly.


We love Pinsa and strive to constantly improve it to offer you the best product. Join the revolution with FoodEntyCo and experience an unforgettable flavor journey that will delight you.