Aglio orsino - A Pesto Worthy of a Michelin-Starred Chef

Discover the secret of nature with our wild garlic pesto. An authentic culinary delight, rich in history and tradition. Experience its aroma and beneficial properties. Prepared with extra virgin olive oil and a passion for fine cuisine, our pesto, signed by Moera, brings the authentic flavor of the forest directly to your table. Join the great chefs who have already discovered its potential and order your wild garlic pesto now.

Exploring Aglio Orsino


Wild garlic, or Allium ursinum, is a perennial plant that thrives in damp, shady areas, producing fleshy leaves and edible white flowers every spring. This wild variety, closely related to our traditional garlic, offers a unique, subtle, and fleeting aromatic taste on the palate. Every part of wild garlic is a culinary gem: its leaves and bulbs can be enjoyed raw or cooked, adding versatility to every dish.

Hand-harvested in pristine forests, wild garlic offers numerous health benefits; it's known for its purifying, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Traditionally, it's believed that bears would feast on wild garlic after hibernation to purify and replenish their energy levels.

Wild garlic, with its intense fragrance, is the secret touch to elevate dishes such as pastas, risottos, fresh cheeses, bruschettas, pizzas, focaccias, and as a complement to grilled meats and vegetables.

Growing wild garlic at home is an accessible experience for anyone who loves cultivating their own herbs. It's a rewarding and relatively simple choice, starting from either seeds, seedlings, or bulbs. Bulbs can be planted in clusters of three in autumn, following similar methods to garlic and onions. Seedlings, on the other hand, can be directly transplanted into pots in spring. The leaves can be harvested year-round, providing freshness and aroma to home cooking.


Wild garlic has captured the palates of top Italian chefs. It's the secret ingredient in unforgettable dishes like Federico Trobbiani's fusilloni. Enrico Crippa has transformed a risotto into the symbol of his prestigious menu. Pietro Leemann makes it the star of a farro salad pesto, just to name a few.

Nestled among hazelnut groves, vineyards, olive groves, and orchards in the enchanting forests of Avella stands Il Moera, a precious gem founded in 2010 by Diana and Francesco. This oasis of beauty is the tangible result of the love and dedication that Il Moera holds for the surrounding territory.

Surrounded by lush nature, the fields of Il Moera host unique treasures including wild garlic, with its intense and enveloping aroma, and Avellane hazelnuts, known for their irresistible crispness and fragrance. These are just some of the delicacies that characterize this place.

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