Pesto Pomodoro Secco e Aglio Orsino

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Azienda Agricola Il Moera

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Olio Extravergine Di Oliva, Pomodori Secchi Salati Al 47,6%,(Pomodori Secche E Sale), Condimento A Base Di Aglio Orsino(Aglio Orsino Al 7,1%,Olio Di Semi Di Girasole), Sale

The Sun-Dried Tomato and Wild Garlic Pesto is the harmonious encounter between the distinctive taste of the undergrowth and the rustic aromas of tomatoes. This combination creates an enveloping and authentic culinary experience, celebrating the richness of flavors from the Irpino territory.

Il Moera is committed to producing this pesto using only excellent raw materials. The extra virgin olive oil, produced with the company's olives, gives the pesto a rich and precious base. The tomatoes, carefully dried, add a unique touch and intensify the distinctive flavor of this condiment.

Produced by the Il Moera Agricultural Company, it is the result of careful processing that enhances the Avella territory. The pesto offers an extraordinary culinary experience.

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