Pesto di Nocciole e Tartufo

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Azienda Agricola Il Moera

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The Hazelnut and Truffle Pesto is a tribute to the richness of our territory. Hazelnuts, with their ancient tradition in the area, tell of centuries-old cultivation that integrates perfectly with the territory. Truffles, nature's jewel, have deep roots in the Irpinian woods, bringing with them a millennia-old history of culinary research and appreciation.

Using excellent, locally-sourced raw materials, this pesto is produced by coarsely grinding the hazelnuts, leaving a slight granularity in the mouth, much appreciated by those who eat it. The use of truffle and extra virgin olive oil contributes to elevating this excellent product.

The Il Moera Agricultural Company in Avella offers an exclusive taste journey, typical of the areas of lower Irpinia, highlighting the uniqueness of the raw materials and the dedicated care given to production.