Ammaritata Pinsa

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    • Mixted Soup
    • Cheakpeas
    • Crispy Bacon
    • Artisanal Chili Oil
    • Salt
    • Olive Oil
    • For Drink: Andromeda Beer

Ammaritata Pinsa, an explosion of robust and enveloping flavors that captures the essence of Italian tradition. The steamed mixed soup combines with cheakpeas, creating a creamy and satisfying base, enriched by the smoky and hearty flavor of crispy rolled pancetta. Artisanal chili oil adds a touch of vibrant spiciness. Each bite is a journey through the gustatory paths of the South, where intense and enveloping flavors promise culinary pleasure, all accompanied by a crispy pinsa base and the taste of Andromeda beer. With its aroma of bitter almond elegantly alternating with notes of chestnut honey and caramel, creating a gustatory harmony that magnificently blends with the earthy and full-bodied flavors of the pinsa. This combination of food and beverage offers an extraordinary gustatory experience, transporting you on a sensory journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of Italian culinary tradition.

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