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Azienda Agricola Anzalone

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The Peeled Tomatoes tell a fascinating story of passion for the land and Artisanal perfection. The peeling process, carefully passed down, is a tribute to tradition that expresses the constant dedication to offering the freshness and authentic flavor of each tomato.

The Peeled Tomatoes, a result of consolidated experience, are prepared with methods that respect the raw material. They are briefly scalded in boiling water, hand-peeled whole, and packaged in glass jars. The company takes precautions that enhance the Natural Goodness of the tomato, preserving its original flavor during the peeling process.

The Peeled Tomatoes come from the Anzalone Agricultural Company located among the green hills of Flumeri. Specialized in organic cultivation, the company embraces a philosophy of respectful production, ensuring excellent, genuine, and appreciated peeled tomatoes.

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