Pomodorini in acqua e sale Bio

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Azienda Agricola Anzalone

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The Cherry Tomatoes in Water and Salt represent a captivating chapter in gastronomic culture, rooted in the dedication to creating authentic flavors with the intention of preserving the Freshness and Purity of the harvest. A practice deeply ingrained in ancient local traditions, these cherry tomatoes were prepared to be a great alternative to fresh tomatoes.

Production is a meticulous process that requires attention at every stage, selecting only the best cherry tomatoes to ensure the quality of the final product. During cultivation, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices are adopted, avoiding the use of pesticides. Harvested at the right moment, the cherry tomatoes are washed and preserved Naturally with the only addition of water and salt.

Cherry Tomatoes in Water and Salt are a culinary treasure from the Anzalone Agricultural Company, located in the fertile hills of Flumeri. A company committed to organic cultivation that offers premium products, a guarantee of freshness and authenticity to satisfy the most discerning palates.

The nutritional benefits