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Azienda Agricola Anzalone

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Sliced Date Tomatoes, a organic product, tell a story of care and respect for the land, highly appreciated for their freshness and goodness. The Date Tomato is a crossbreed that has only recently entered the Italian market, much valued for its sweet and aromatic flavor, and the intense taste it imparts to sauces is due to the low water content in its pulp.

Cultivated with good rotation practices, Date Tomatoes thrive in both greenhouses and open fields. This natural approach brings essential elements to the soil, ensuring healthy and sustainable growth. The cultivation of this tomato is meticulous, as only the best seeds are selected. After harvesting, they are slowly cooked to create a sauce with an intense flavor that expresses all the sweetness and intensity of the sun in Irpinia.

Sliced Date Tomatoes, with their sweet and intense flavor, come from the Anzalone Agricultural Company, nestled among the green hills of Irpinia, precisely in the fertile lands of Flumeri. Specialized in organic cultivation, the company is dedicated to producing premium tomatoes, offering sweet and flavorful products.

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