Farina Senatore Cappelli Bio

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Azienda Agricola BioLu

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Farina Di Grano Duro Varieta Senatore Cappelli ,Molitura A Pietra, Semintegrale

Senatore Cappelli Flour, typical of the southern regions and well-known for its properties, is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The nutrients are preserved due to the low degree of refinement, maintaining ancient knowledge and flavors.

The flour is obtained through stone milling, which, given its low processing temperatures, allows the preservation of the germ and its Sensory and Nutritional Characteristics, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.

Senatore Cappelli Flour, produced by the Bio Lu agricultural company committed to the production of Organic, Local, and Km 0 products, encapsulates the best of the cultivations in Gesualdo, Calvi, and San Giorgio del Sannio.