Farina di Saragolla Bio

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Azienda Agricola BioLu

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Farina Di Grano Duro Varieta Saragolla, Molitura A Pietra Semintegrale

Saragolla Flour, belonging to the Khorasan family (Kamut), has a history deeply rooted in Tradition. This ancient variety of durum wheat is still cultivated today in the inland areas of Sannio in the province of Benevento.

Processed and stone-ground according to ancient artisanal methods, the agricultural practices used promote Sustainable Cultivation. Well-known for its high percentage of proteins and nutrients, often considered the best choice compared to other types of flour, it is characterized by its sweet flavor, ideal for making desserts.

Saragolla Flour, produced by the Bio Lu agricultural company, committed to the production of Organic, Local, and Km 0 products, encapsulates the best of the cultivations in Gesualdo, Calvi, and San Giorgio del Sannio.