Noccioro45 Dark crema spalmabile senza lattosio

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Azienda Agricola Noccioro

Gluten Free
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Nocciole al 45%, zucchero, cacao in polvere.

Noccioro 45 Dark spreadable cream has its roots in Irpinia, is lactose-free, and represents the constant commitment to creating products suitable for all dietary needs.

With only 3 ingredients, this spread is the result of careful Artisanal processing that has evolved over time, following rigorous practices that preserve the purity and naturalness of the product, ensuring a bold and intense flavor.

The Noccioro farm based in Avella has consolidated its position in the sector over time with the philosophy of cultivating and transforming its own fruits, leading to the creation of good, healthy, and natural spreadable creams.

The nutritional benefits