Confettura extra di Lamponi

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Le Rosse di Bosco

hand made
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Lamponi e zucchero di Canna

The Extra Raspberry Jam, from fields in Irpinia, embodies tradition in the selection of natural ingredients, ensuring maximum quality and minimal distance from harvest to table.

With a simple recipe, the extra jam uses only raspberries and cane sugar. The Artisanal processing maintains the velvety texture and intense flavor, with a generous amount of 120g of fruit per 100g of product.

Coming from the "Le Rosse di Bosco di Mirabella" farm, cultivation takes place at km 0, ensuring freshness and sustainability, contributing to a short supply chain and enhancing the local territory.

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Perfetta per accompagnare fette di pane tostato al mattino o per farcire crostate e dessert