Strudel alla Confettura

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Azienda Agricola BioLu

hand made
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Jam Strudels are an excellence that celebrates local confectionery tradition, thanks to flours from Irpinian cultivations that evoke typical flavors of the past.

Made with thin and crunchy French shortcrust pastry encasing a delicious filling of apricot jam, they are crafted by hand to ensure the perfect combination of sweetness and aromas, as well as the right crumbliness.

The agricultural company "I Grani di Lu," with a passion for sustainable farming and a commitment to giving back better fields one day, works its grains organically, with extensive fields located in the municipalities of Calvi, San Giorgio del Sannio, and Gesualdo.

The manufacturer’s advice

Gli strudel sono un dolce adatto a ogni momento: ottimo come dessert dopo un pasto o perfetto per una pausa dolce durante il giorno