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Le Rosse di Bosco

hand made
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More e zucchero di Barbabietola

The Blackberry Jam is made with blackberries from Irpine cultivations, a typical fruit of the summer season and a symbol of prosperity. Blackberries have always been appreciated for their unique flavor and nutritious properties.

Without artificial preservatives, the jam uses only blackberries and beet sugar. This combination offers an intense and deep flavor, enriched with Natural Sweetness and a fragrant aroma. The Artisanal processing ensures a creamy and satisfying texture.

The agricultural company "Le Rosse di Bosco di Mirabella" cultivates and processes its products at km 0, enhancing local blackberries and contributing to a short supply chain. A perfect combination of tradition and freshness straight from nature.

The nutritional benefits


The manufacturer’s advice

Perfetta per essere spalmata su fette di pane tostato, croissant o per accompagnare formaggi a pasta dura, questa confettura aggiunge una nota di dolcezza squisita a qualsiasi piatto