Tree for free
Tree for free

Tree For Free

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Tree For Free project.

This initiative was established to aid NGOs dedicated to planting, safeguarding, and rejuvenating millions of trees worldwide.

Goal: to plant, protect and restore over 1 million trees.

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Trees are vital for us and for our planet.

We rely on trees for the very air we breathe, and their role in climate regulation is paramount.

Trees act as carbon sinks, extracting carbon from the atmosphere and storing it for centuries.

This crucial process is vital for combating climate change and alleviating its impacts.

Following the oceans, forests stand as the largest carbon reserves globally, making them a natural remedy to the climate crisis.

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Tree for free

Trees we are supporting:

Tree for free
Tree for free
Tree for free
The trees are planted with the aim of yielding top-quality cocoa while providing local farmers with an extra source of income.
According to some genetic studies, lemon is probably an ancient hybrid between grapefruit and cedar. The trade in lemons helps the populations by improving their quality of life.
Although there are over 100 species, as confirmed by supermarket shelves, the most common are Arabica and Robusta.
The Baobab is a species native to Madagascar and used throughout Africa. Famous for its grandeur, think that the diameter of the trunk can reach 10 meters. It is considered the gravitational center of the social life of the villages, under its shadow markets, meetings, dances and games are held. It is planted to help restore natural forests.
Avocado is mainly known for its highly energetic and nutrient rich fruits. The oil extracted from the fruit is used in cosmetics for its antioxidant and revitalizing properties, while the leaves have excellent healing properties. It is planted for fruit production and as a shade tree for other crops.