Come Selezioniamo

How We Select

Authentic Products from Unique Stories

Our journey takes place step by step. The ingredients are patience, passion and extreme attention to detail.

Come selezioniamo - valutazione


Embarking on the culinary exploration of our region's excellence commences with the quest for suppliers of authentic local products. During this initial scouting phase, we seek out food and wine items distinguished by a profound connection to their place of origin and the local community, by traditional artisanal production methods passed down through generations, and by flavors and aromas imbued with distinctive characteristics.



In this subsequent phase of our journey, having identified the supplier, we conduct inspections, sample their products, and have them elucidate their production processes. Through this process, we assess not only the sensory quality of their offerings but also the depth of history, tradition, and regional authenticity present in their products. Additionally, we gauge the level of trust established during our acquaintance.

Come selezioniamo - valutazione
Come selezioniamo - accordo

The agreement

The third and final step solidifies the relationship, marking the culmination of our journey. With a successful evaluation, the supplier aligns with our values, demonstrates respect for the community and the environment, and shares our vision. We eagerly welcome them into our community! Upon signing an agreement, we prepare to showcase their products on our e-commerce platform, dedicating a special page to them. Additionally, we create an emotive video to promote their offerings.



Everyday business operations are characterized by ongoing communication, regular trade agreements, and product exchanges with our suppliers. Through these interactions, we nurture and develop our relationships, gradually building trust and working together to establish long-term strategic objectives.

Come selezioniamo - sviluppo