Bee for free oasi 3bee com
Bee for free oasi 3bee com

Bee For Free

Bees play a vital role in the functioning of our ecosystems, yet they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

We launched the Bee For Free project.

Adopt beehives through, an agri-tech startup that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health.

Goal: safeguarding bees from extinction."

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Bees are vanishing from nature at an alarming rate.

This decline is attributed to the absence of beekeepers' care, as they struggle to survive in an increasingly inhospitable world where nature itself is endangered.

Asian Hornet (Vespa Velutina)
Climate Change
Ape in natura

Hives we are supporting:

Bee for free oasi 3bee
Bee for free oasi 3bee
Bee for free oasi 3bee
Rare Strawberry Tree
Very precious, this honey with a strong, decisive, pungent and certainly bitter flavor is a true niche product.
Rare Paliurus
This amber colored honey has a neutral scent and a very delicate flavor.
Rare Cynara
From the amber color, on the palate it reveals a real explosion of floral taste. Normally sweet and medium intense.
Rare Coriandrum
Medium sweet, with the characteristic aromatic and vegetable flavor that nevertheless recalls the taste of toffee candies.
Indigofeera Rare
Delicate honey with fruity notes, the color has a characteristic pink hue
Rare Clover
Extremely light in color, tending to white, this honey has a delicate flavor and aroma, with vegetal and floral notes.